Item Details

  • led in door ground f ce voltage voltage

Item Description

Type of luminaire

Innovative LED luminaire designed for comfort indirect illumination of conference rooms, offices, meeting rooms. The luminaire is extremely energy efficient with savings more than 50% compared with similar products with 2x55W PL-L lamps.

Key advantages

  • comfortable illumination
  • highest energy efficiency in its class
  • quick pay-off for the initial investments (ROI)
  • long life
  • excellent glare protection
  • comfort and uniformity of the light output


TMA LED INDWHITE-O has a performance that ensures high efficiency of the luminaire compared to similar products on the market – more than80 lm/W. From a total of 57Wthe luminous flux of the luminaire is4610 lm. Further saving of electricity can be made through dimming that is an option in DALI or 1/10V.

Mounting type

The luminaires is designed for mounting in standard recessed ceilings with M600. Option M625 is available upon request.


This LED luminaire is the best solution for conference rooms and venues where the comfort of an diffuse illumination is requested (like hotel lobbies). Compared to analogues, TMA INDWHITE–O is the best in class energy efficient luminaire which ensures keep pay-back in new installations but also while replacing PL-L analogues.

Optical system

The LED luminaire is with optical system designed especially for LEDs source of light. Its design ensures 100% indirect lighting while LEDs are not visible. The result is a LED luminaire with excellent comfort and efficiency.

Electrical connection

The luminaire is equipped with automatic push-in connector. Options with connectors type Wieland, Wago and Ensto are also possible.


The operational life of the LED modules used is minimum 50,000 h. The warranty of the luminaire is 5 years.

  • Main features
  • Luminous flux emitted by the luminaire : 4850 lm
  • Light output of the luminaire : 80 lm/W
  • Wattage : 62 W
  • Warranty : 5 year[s]