Item Details

  • led in door ground f ce voltage voltage


Item Description

Type of luminaire

MPF LED ECO luminaire that is designed for industrial applications. This ECO version can be also used for replacing the standard waterproof luminaires with fluorescent tubes. For example just by changing an installation of 2x49W waterproofs with MPF LED on a mall parking can save more than 50% of the used energy.


The luminaires can be mounted on any ceiling. As an option it can be hanged on metal wires or chains.


This LED luminaire is excellent for any production sites, warehouses, parkings alike.

Optical system

The LED luminaire is equipped with diffuse optical system depending. It is closed with tempered matt glass or with UV stabilised polycarbonate.

Electrical connection

The luminaire is equipped with special IP66 connectors.


The operational life of the LED modules used is minimum 50,000 h. The warranty of the luminaire is 5 years.

  • Main features
  • Luminous flux emitted by the luminaire : 5200 lm
  • Light output of the luminaire : 100 lm/W
  • Wattage : 55 W
  • Warranty : 5 year[s]