TTLed Trunking system

Item Details

  • led in door ground f ce voltage voltage


Item Description

Type of luminaire
This LED trunking system of Lurey is designed for use in any type of large scale sales areas where continuous light lines are needed — shops, supermarkets, malls. With  its nice aluminum finishing it can be not only an efficient and reliable source of lighting, but can also attribute to a modern internal design. The output of TTLed can be controlled at factory to cover the light output of 1×35, 2×49, 1×54, 2×54, 1x80W, 2x58W depending on client preferences.

The luminaires is designed for easy mounting with no tools. It can be mounted as a stand0alone luminaires (with length of 1,200 or 1,700 mm) as well as continuous light line.

TTLed is the best LED trunking solution for supermarkets, shops, malls, but also warehouses, and exhibition halls.

Optical system
A special diffuser ensures high-efficiency of the TTLed while removing any “dot effect” from the LEDs. The trunking can provide symmetrical, asymmetrical and double asymmetrical distribution.

Electrical connection
The luminaire is equipped with terminal blocks that ensure automatic connection in continuous line.

The operational life of the LED modules used is minimum 50,000 h. The warranty of the luminaire is 5 years.

  • Main features
  • Luminous flux emitted by the luminaire : min 4700, max 9500 lm
  • Light output of the luminaire : min 110 lm/W
  • Wattage : min 42 W, max 87 W
  • Warranty : up to 5 year[s]